Monday, August 22, 2011

Monterey Bay Shore Birds, Asilomar Shore, Pacific Grove

After a quiet spell, the Blog continues with a selection of shore birds observed recently along the Monterey Bay shore at the Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove, CA.

We first stopped at an area know locally as Cosy Cove, a sheltered cove just off Ocean Drive in Pacific Grove. Along with about a dozen Mallards (not recorded) we saw Black Turnstones, many Starlings, and today a Willet in the sea grass.

This is one of several Black Turnstones that were nearby.

Further along the shore we have been watching the development of two Killdeer chicks that we have seen regularly. It took only  few minutes to spot them again as well as the ever watchful adult. First the adult well camouflaged in the nearby sea grass.

The two chicks were where we have seen them for a few weeks. Note the lack of the red eye ring and also lacking well developed tail feathers. We have not yet seen the chicks attempt to fly.

Then moving to another location nearer to the Asilomar Beach area we found a large group of Black-bellied Plovers resting on the rocks. There was a cool wind coming off the Bay (typical for August) and the Plovers were "tucked in" out of the wind. Information on the Black-bellied Plover can be found here. Wikipedia notes that it is also known as the Grey Plover.

There were two Whimbrels within the group, also resting (but alert) among the Black-bellied Plovers.

We also spotted one Surf Bird within the group.

A productive day!