Friday, February 8, 2013

Moss Landing, Jetty Road

On Thursday February 1, 2013 we traveled to Moss Landing to see what we could see. It had been a while since we checked out the Jetty Road area. We used a Nikon D7000 with the Nikon 500mm f4.0 lens with 1.4 teleconverter for all these shots.

First we saw a pair of these first year Buffleheads close to the road. The adults were too far away to get any kind of useful shot.

Across the road we saw this solitary immature Sandhill Crane feeding at low tide. We understand he has been around for a couple of months.

Another special treat was this Greater Yellowlegs that was very close to the other side of the road. The light was particularly good.

This solitary Black-bellied Plover gave us a good opportunity as well.

Near the Sandhill Crane this Long-billed Curlew was feeding. The light was behind the subject, not the best shot but it records the variety one can see in Moss Landing.


 There were several Willets nearby.

 And some Marbled Godwits.

 And this Snowy Egret was very close - too close for the 500mm lens with the 1.4x teleconverter. This close-up shows his intensity as he is feeding.

And finally we saw this small group of Least Sandpipers.